Food as Fine Art

Midterm week. It’s a bit crazy and I feel bad that the posts and infographics have been slow.

But here are some new dishes the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art have added to the menu, along with their famous Mondrian cake!



Now you can go to the SFMOMA’s Blue Bottle Coffee and enjoy Rothko toast and jams, Judd tomato soup, and Hirst cake. This is an amazing example of food as art and art as food. The line is pretty blurry for me as many qualities, such as proportion, texture, color, and structure, are vital in both food and art. The only thing food is better at is, well, the eating. I’m pretty sure the SFMOMA wouldn’t appreciate you walking up to the Mondrian and taking a giant lick of the canvas.






You have to be impressed with the people running the cafe. This is impressive stuff, especially considering how complicated and detailed some foods are. I’d like to be friends with them. I wonder how the decide on which works of art to make into food. My suggestion?




Seurat. Out of Dippin’ Dots.



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