Sunday Brunch Frittata

I don’t like going out for brunch. I feel like it’s usually a rip off. “Oh, you want a slice of toast? That’ll be $2.50 please.” What? I can have a whole loaf of bread for that price. It’s something about paying for eggs, pancakes, fruit, or oatmeal that doesn’t sit right with me. So instead of going out with friends for brunch, I’ve started asking people to come over instead.

fritta dyptich

Frittatas are perfect because you don’t need a lot of special ingredients to whip one up. You’ve probably got at least 6 eggs, random veggies, leftover meats, and cheese, right? Well that’s all you need. Any combination of meats, cheese and vegetables will work out. For this permutation, I used asparagus, mushrooms and goat cheese. But I’m pretty sure any combination you can whip up will be delicious. Use the handy chart below to make your own perfect creation!

Just saute the veggies and meats until nice and brown in a stainless steel or ovensafe skillet and pour in the whisked eggs. If you’re feeling really fancy, add a little bit of cream  to the eggs while you whisk them to make them extra fluffy. I usually just use 1% milk and it works perfectly fine. Cook on the stovetop until the bottom and edges are slightly set. Grate on your cheese or strategically place little spoonfuls in the frittata. Pop the skillet under the broiler until completely set.

So go ahead, skip the hour long wait at that trendy, overpriced weekend brunch spot and whip up your own. Frittst



    • sashayan18

      Thanks Jessica! I’m a graphic designer/aspiring art director so I challenge myself to make 1 hour infographics about my favorite things on my downtime. Glad you found them informative!

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