Put An Egg On It!

I’ve gotten to that point where I’m too lazy to get up early enough to snag the choicest produce from the farmers market but am also holding out for a big Costco run this weekend (more samples on the weekend!) So all that’s left in the fridge is leftover ice-cream cake, a bunch of overripe bananas (summer woes), and a zucchini. What to do? Of course, we’ve all committed the culinarily dangerous exploration of “everything-thats-left-with-some-kind-of-starch,” hoping for something bearable that will tide us over till tomorrow, but I won’t be easily satisfied today. I’m going to put a deliciously runny egg (or two) on whatever I scrounge up. Basically this post is “anything + runny egg = delicious.”

egg dyptich

It’s days like these where I remember that I have familial high cholesterol but partially disregard my doctors advice because I regularly exercise, although I did skip Spin today for other reasons. Anyways, I feel like I deserve an egg yolk if I want one. I’ve been denied many a yolk in my childhood.

This leads me to my next question, how am I  going to prepare said egg? Poach? Soft boil? Or the every reliable fry method? Either way it’ll be the sauce that masks the true desperation in my dinner. But here’s a handy guide for every possible way to prepare an egg, you know, in case you end up on MasterChef and Gordon Ramsay is testing your culinary expertise.

And to all those who won’t eat runny yolks, give them a try!


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