Why I Like to Stay In

I’m sure that my friends will be the first to tell you I’d prefer to stay in on weekends. Sometimes I’m the party pooper, but honestly, I don’t care. I’d much rather wear sweatpants or PJs and hang out at home than bar hop and dance the night away. This is further proof that I am already an old lady.

In an attempt to lure friends into staying at home with me, I’ve tried to make nicer at home dinners. Because no one said that fancy dinner have to be at restaurants and cost you lots of money. I’ve also been disappointed and underwhelmed when I go out to restaurants, usually leaving dejected after I pay the bill and fork over an extra 15-20% tip. I find that I don’t make enough money (maybe I won’t ever) to feel good about dropping  more than $20 for a meal. Even when it’s a special occasion, I can’t get that nagging voice out of my head that’s calculated how much the at-cost price is for my meal. Ex: “You could probably buy 10 pounds of Prince Edward Island Mussels for the price of that 12 mussel appetizer!” (Read: I’m thrifty and I can’t turn it off) I know, weird. But it’s something I’m trying to reconcile as I know eating good food at good restaurants is one sure way to improve my own cooking.

But maybe the main reason I feel strange going to restaurants, is that I’m more excited about the prospect of cooking it at home myself. So here’s a recreation of something the BF and I had at one of our limited fine dining experiences.

Buttery bi-valves and crusty bread for under $20 for two while wearing stretchy pants? Sounds like a deal to me.


Olive Bread


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